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  • L Shape Waiting Room Sofa For Hall

    "Classic, chic and comfortable, international and timeless." With only a handful of elements, all of which are characterised by their irreproachable proportions, it is possible to create a wealth of different settees and corner compositions.If we think about how to represent a sofa in sofa set for hall, we would surely draw something really similar to this model. The paradigm, the essence of a sofa nowadays.Happen originates with the aim of being normal.

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    Corner Modern Living Room Sofa Sets

    European style customize pull button leather sofa modern living room furniture corner sofas set.With the In Situ Modular Sofa, we wanted to combine the functions of modularity with the beauty of simple, elegant lines and a deep comfort. We sketched a profile that runs along the seat and back of the sofa to subtly hide the visual elements of modularity, giving it a unique character while bringing the individual modules together for a complete appearance. This is paired with grand, sculptural lines and the inherent comfort of its soft seat. The In Situ Modular Sofa combines the grandeur of traditional Italian sofas with the refined simplicity of Scandinavian design, making it the heart of any space.

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  • Leather Sofa Set For Living Room

    Rounded edges and soft cushions create a milder, relaxed tone with the sofa set for living room with low armrest. Retaining the same strong aesthetic presence as its firmer, more pared back sibling, this leather living room sets takes on a more fluid silhouette. And durability are ensured by the sofa’s solid construction, which has been built using durable, high-density foam and covered with down padding for extra softness.The low frame has a distinctly lounge feel.

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  • White Sofa Set Living Room Sitting Room Sofa

    The sitting room sofa is a grand, modular design with sculptural lines that can be tailored to your individual space and taste yet with its modular elements hidden through subtle detailing of its front profile, paired with deep comfort and a soft seat. Choose from any of the 30 pre designed configurations or create your own, using the 3 different seating modules and 2 versions. Marvin may be adorned with a large variety of cushions types according to your own taste.

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  • Light luxury living room leather sofa

    Don't need gorgeous modifications, everything you need begins here! This sofa set meets your needs. Simplicity is not simple, the design is simple, starting from the true, the streamlined design, the eternal classic. Simple but not simple, such an attitude of life is a realm, showing a person's wisdom and taste. An appearance of simplicity and unable to create a fine considered work for actual needs.

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  • Leather comfortable living room sofa

    Forging, the process used to shape iron, pressing it between the hammer and anvil, has a history that stretches back over millennia. Throughout the ages, this technique has been used to create an infinite number of everyday objects and decorative artefacts. The Officina collection of tables explores the possibility of establishing a new creative language while working with an ancient fabrication process such as iron forging.This year the collection expands to include a chair and stools that echo the forged iron structure of the tables, combined with shells in a range of different materials. Once again, absolute simplicity combines with the allure of a raw material handed down through the centuries, alive, with those slight imperfections that make each piece in this collection unique, with an unmistakably industrial feel, but combined with a profoundly refined and elegant spirit.

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  • High-end leather corner sofa covers

    Developing a sofa that looks solid and comfortable yet seems to be floating and light-weight at the same time. A paradox at first, reconciled into one design. The solid look is achieved through the broad backrest and the wide, single upholstered seat with plump cushioning for added comfort. The armrests are quite wide and can easily be used as a headrest. The front finish of the armrests and backrest includes a uniquely folded seam. The horizontal recessed seam detailing on the backrest reconciles the solid feel of the sofa with its lightweight appearance and breaks up the solid backrest while accentuating the comfortable aspect of the incorporated lumbar support.

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  • Modern Leisure Ambient Lounge Sofa

    In today's hectic times we all cherish our diminishing leisure time. So whether you are chilling out with a café latte, lost in an enthralling novel, gripped by a DVD thriller or watching you favorite team take home the cup, your Furicco modern Leisure Ambient Lounge Sofa will be your best partner in the house, hotel lobby, restaurant and banquet environment. The modern sofa set can be easily blend with the surroundings, achieving a harmony office.

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  • Classic furniture casual leather sofa

    Furnishing the living area with our modern furniture will allow you to create new and dynamic environments, ideal for a contemporary up-to-date look. The wide choice of colour finishes available lets you match and integrate to achieve a mosaic of vibrant decorative elements.This leather sofa always cuts a good figure – whether in the living room or in a traditional study. The well thought-out programme elements draw natural elegance from the sweeping lines of the arm- and backrests. The slender wooden legs create a certain lightness, so that almost seems to float above the floor.A contemporary sofa range for residential and hospitality use. The brief was to bring together simple, clean, architectural lines with a focus on a soft relaxed sit.

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