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All of Furicco modern office sofa products are designed to be harmonious, comfortable, and long lasting. The solid structures, the comfortable padding, the stitched seams and every construction detail testify to the scrupulous care that expert and demanding people dedicate to the creation of each product sofa for office room, conceived to be harmonious, comfortable and long-lasting.  An office sofa furniture, for example, is made to be lived: it must be resistant and welcoming, it must be pleasing to us but it must also respect us, it must make the period we spend "with her" pleasantly productive. Many of us spend more time sitting leather office sofa than standing, making important decisions or doing business while we are all in one couch office chair. The more a office sofa set welcomes us, the more what we do becomes profitable and pleasant.

  • L Shape Waiting Room Sofa For Hall

    L Shape Waiting Room Sofa For Hall

    "Classic, chic and comfortable, international and timeless." With only a handful of elements, all of which are characterised by their irreproachable proportions, it is possible to create a wealth of different settees and corner compositions.If we think about how to represent a sofa in sofa set for hall, we would surely draw something really similar to this model. The paradigm, the essence of a sofa nowadays.Happen originates with the aim of being normal.

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  • High-end leather corner sofa covers

    High-end leather corner sofa covers

    Developing a sofa that looks solid and comfortable yet seems to be floating and light-weight at the same time. A paradox at first, reconciled into one design.
    The solid look is achieved through the broad backrest and the wide, single upholstered seat with plump cushioning for added comfort. The armrests are quite wide and can easily be used as a headrest. The front finish of the armrests and backrest includes a uniquely folded seam. The horizontal recessed seam detailing on the backrest reconciles the solid feel of the sofa with its lightweight appearance and breaks up the solid backrest while accentuating the comfortable aspect of the incorporated lumbar support.

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  • Modern Simple Light Luxury Popular Start Sofa

    Modern Simple Light Luxury Popular Start Sofa

    Monobloc and modular sofas.These concise lines seem to have drawn from nature's rhythm, in the weaving of happiness, the true meaning of life, the shadow of the years, the feelings of the city.
    Graphite painted aluminium alloy feet. Wooden seat frame. Elastic strips suspension. Steel backrest and armrests. Seat upholstered with graduated polyurethane/ heat-bound polyester fibre. Backrest and armrests upholstered with self-extinguishing polyurethane foam/heat-bound polyester fibre. Removable fabric or leather cover.

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  • Sofa Set For Small Room

    Sofa Set For Small Room

    Contemporary, cosy and customisable. Those are just some of the attributes you’ll see in Furicco. A sofa concept driven by the idea of personalising the living space.A good sofa set for small room. Expressed in an understated aesthetic that exudes elegance. Elements with different depths are recommended for exciting living situations with a totally unique and individual look.The continuous seam on the edge of the chair create an elegant and minimalistic look.

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  • Home Sofa Set For Living Room Sofa

    Home Sofa Set For Living Room Sofa

    Seasons pass and trends come and go, but the modern elegance of the home sofa set is timeless.Its two-seater sofa is perfect and the best sofa for small living room .The high armrests accentuate the elegant silhouette and complete the clean look. The open end will create a dynamic, welcoming atmosphere - a true blessing for the integrated areas of open-plan living.The seating concept has a strong, sculptural expression that adds a fresh and modern touch to private homes.

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  • Office Furniture Sofa Set For Executive Office

    Office Furniture Sofa Set For Executive Office

    Innovative shape: deep space looks elegant and floating. Well-balanced living ambience in chartreuse-coloured leather, with integrated two-seater sofa and single seater sofa.This sophisticated office furniture sofa set combines structured leather covers with elements in solid material.Casual, cosy with its soft cushions provides lounge culture with a softness factor.Gently shapes,which intentionally reduced, makes it perfect for conversation

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  • Faux Leather Sectional Sofa Set

    Faux Leather Sectional Sofa Set

    The Bion, the sectional sofa set lets you create a compact sitting or sleeping area and is perfect for living room and office. Choose between the chair or the sofa in a number of colours and fabrics.
    Faux leather sofa set offers many different sitting positions. Available with covered legs or chrome support-frame. A matching, generously dimensioned footstool is also available. Let you create a compact sitting or sleeping area and is perfect for the living room.

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  • Modern Comfortable Pure Leather Sofa Sets

    Modern Comfortable Pure Leather Sofa Sets

    The sleek lines of the modern leather sofa set seating system achieve their highest potential in luxury materials.The warm texture and feel of the wood lend bold personality to the sofa’s structure.In delicious contrast to the formal lines of the wood structure, the generously padded seat and backrest cushions are quite enticing.The backrest cushions come with the characteristic bolster – which, over time, has become one of the company’s distinctive elements.

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  • 2 Seater Minimalist Contemporary Sofa Set

    2 Seater Minimalist Contemporary Sofa Set

    The attention for detail and the versatility of the sofa programme make the 2 seater sofa set ideal for projects in which minimalist sofa set plays an important role. As well as a wide range of sofas, the over sixty elements enable the realisation of every desired layout, from an extensive corner layout to a lounge sofa with extra wide chaise longues.
    A unique style combined with maximum comfort. Oversize seat, back and armrests are extremely soft for all round cosiness.

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